About Andriya

Hi! I am the founder of Andriya Aromatics. In addition to creating the Chakra line to help balance and bring awareness to the body’s energy centers, I also work somatically as a Shamanic Reiki practitioner in Northern Westchester, New York.

My healing journey began thirty years ago when I developed a debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that impaired my ability to continue my career as a professional dancer. While my intention was to learn this ancient form of energy healing to heal myself, I ended up healing many others in the process after getting certified in the traditional Usui Reiki method.

Ten years ago I discovered Shamanic Reiki and became a certified Shamanic Reiki Master finding this method greatly expanding my ability to solve problems on the energetic plane. Shamanic Reiki shares the earth-honoring belief systems and practices common to all indigenous cultures. In this practice we work with the energy of the elements, nature in all its forms, the animal kingdom and the spirit world to transform thought and feeling patterns. We balance chakras, embark into the subconscious through journey work and unearth spiritual opportunities, removing energy that isn’t serving whilst channeling positive energy into your body and energetic field.

You will leave a session feeling a greater sense of happiness, balance, clarity and soul alignment. If collaborating over several sessions, we are able to work more deeply recalibrating the energy of past wounds shifting the energetic composition of that memory into a more whole healed one.

Sessions are conducted at my beautiful space in Northern Westchester surrounded by mature grown forest in the town of South Salem.

Our initial session lasts 1.5 hours during which time we discuss challenges, goals and obstacles holding you back from living your divine soul expression more fully.  You will leave with insight on how to continue your healing process ongingly. The fee is $250.00.

Subsequent sessions last an hour and the fee is $150.00.

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