Rooted in carefree California simplicity, Sandoval’s life-enhancing aromatics stir the spirit and quiet the mind. Hand-blended with only natural essential oils, absolutes, woods, and resins sourced from around the world, our scents are rich in natural aromatherapy benefits and free from synthetic perfumes and additives that can disrupt the rhythms of the body.

Each scent contains an energy crystal, charged with good intentions and bathed in the light of the full moon—to nurture the sensual energy of your spirit and home. 

 Sandoval’s name, inspired by our founder’s grandfather who smelled of powdery, traditional men’s cologne. Founder Michael Carbaugh finds inspiration in growing up across the United States and around the world -wandering in spice markets, trekking the woods of Bavaria, hiking the deserts of the American Southwest and defining an edge in New York- The inspirations for Sandoval’s rich scent experiences span the globe. The lushly fragrant redwood and cedar forests of Marin County, the blooming jasmine, citrus, and native sage of Southern California culminate a sensibility unique to Sandoval.

We strive to create sustainable, conscious products- with solar powered facilities, packaging our products in recyclable glass vessels. Our products are cruelty, phthalate, aldehyde, paraben, and synthetic fragrance free.



Hand Made with Love in California...